About Us

The Doncaster Cultural Education Partnership (DCEP) vision is “To see all children and young people, engaging in, learning from and enriched by quality creative experiences across the borough”.   We believe that all children & young people should be able to access and enjoy high-quality cultural opportunities both in and outside of schools.  Young people in Doncaster should be inspired, engaged and connected, and have a creative voice.

The Doncaster Cultural Education Partnership (DCEP) brings together cultural organisations, educational institutions and the local authority to drive a joined-up local arts and cultural offer for children and young people across the borough both in and out of school. One of the first LCEPs in Yorkshire and Humber, the DCEP has developed an active and broad membership over the last 4 years including arts, culture, education and community sectors, local authority and higher education.  

The DCEP is integrated into local authority structures. It reports to the Doncaster Growing Together Arts & Culture Programme Board, which is helping to achieve Doncaster’s borough strategy. The work of the DCEP is responding to Doncaster’s Culture Strategy in order to connect all people in Doncaster with great arts and culture.   

The DCEP host bi-annual ‘Culture Education Network’ events that act as a catalyst for new creative collaborations, share sector best practice and opportunities, and help to shape future plans.     

Together we aim to

  1. Work with early years and schools to recognise the value of the arts and commit to embrace culture.
  2. Work with cultural organisations to provide creative opportunities for children and young people.
  3. Improve communications between children and young people, schools and cultural organisations.
  4. Give children and young people a voice and the ability to influence arts and culture in Doncaster.
  5. Work in collaboration to secure culture investment in the arts in Doncaster and build sustainable cultural education. 

Get Involved

If you would like to come to a meeting,  become a partner, or join a working group, we’d love to hear from you, contact Stevie Cairns (our Cultural Education Manager) stevie@castindoncaster.com or DCEP@castindoncaster.com

Find out more about us on our vision & mission or take a look at our action plan.

Vision & Mission Action Plan Meet The Team


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