Action Plan

The DCEP action plan has been developed to achieve our vision and sets out how we will achieve our aims to:

  1. Connect  CYP & their families with great arts & culture.
  2. Work with schools to recognise the value of the arts and commit to embedding arts & culture into CYP lives.   
  3. Work with cultural organisations to provide creative opportunities for CYP.
  4. Improve communications between CYP, schools and cultural organisations.
  5. Give CYP a voice and the ability to influence arts & culture in Doncaster.
  6. Develop creative skills in CYP.

For more information read the Doncaster Culture Education Partnership Action Plan 2017 – 2020.

This action plan has been informed by several key documents that have been released in Doncaster including:

DCEP have been awarded funding from the Arts Council and the Social Mobility Opportunity Area to help fulfil its mission to sustain and promote a cultural offer for all children and young people, including the most vulnerable (those in socially and economically deprived areas, SEN, children in care, children at risk of exclusion). Our Cultural Education Manager, Susan Kerrigan ( was employed in January 2020 to help build sustainability and infrastructure within the DCEP, through strategic planning, communications and advocacy. This is a part-time post employed on a two-year contract.  

The new Education Inspection Framework and Cold Spots 

The funding will enable the DCEP to develop and drive the educational value of arts, culture and creativity, making the most of the opportunities afforded by Ofsted’s new Education Inspection Framework. Ofsted’s new inspection framework will see it downgrade the importance of exam results in favour of assessing whether schools are offering a “broad, rich and deep” curriculum. It also introduces the concept of ‘cultural capital’.   

The DCEP will seek to raise awareness of the value of arts and culture in increasing aspirations, well-being and success, both academic and personal, for children and young people.  It will particularly promote Artsmark and Arts Award to schools in cold spots as tools to support and develop arts activity as part of a broad and balanced curriculum, and support schools to provide students with cultural capital, as referenced in the new Ofsted Framework:

“Inspectors will make a judgement on the quality of education by evaluating the extent to which leaders adopt or construct a curriculum that is ambitious and designed to give all learners, particularly the most disadvantaged, the knowledge and cultural capital they need to succeed in life”. 

Cultural Careers Awareness and Pathways 

A key ambition for the DCEP is to use the arts and culture as tools to develop the pride, ambition and aspirations of young people in Doncaster, to encourage them to be thriving, active members of society, and be free to fulfil their potential and desires. To achieve this, the DCEP will instigate activities that promote and raise awareness of cultural careers and build pathways for young people to develop and progress their creativity and career aspirations. The DCEP will develop and curate relationships between Cultural Organisations and schools leading to an increased presence of arts and culture within careers activities.   It will work with the Doncaster’s artistic and cultural industries to support their understanding of how to positively contribute to careers pathways and awareness for Doncaster schools. 

Mapping and intelligence gathering 

The DCEP want to ensure that arts and cultural provision is targeted to areas of most need, with the greatest impact. Mapping and analysis will enable the DCEP to understand the spread of provision and delivery within the borough and identify areas to target with provision. 

School champions 

The DCEP will identify and develop teachers or school leaders to become arts champions within their own schools and family or cluster of schools. They will work in partnership with the DCEP to support and advocate for arts and culture across their networks. Their involvement and support will add credibility and trust in the DCEP’s ambitions for schools. This will enable the DCEP to access geographical areas of challenge and increase its visibility and engagement with new schools across the borough. 

 Summary of outcomes / SMART targets for 2022.

  • All Doncaster Infant, Junior, Primary and SEN schools have had access to a cultural experience.    
  • 60% of schools have taken part in an art experience delivered by professional artists 
  • All Doncaster Secondary and HE settings have access to cultural careers advice and support.    
  • Cultural Organisations contributing to career guidance and support will increase by 10%.
  • Ensure that every school in Doncaster has a designated DCEP member, who will take on the role of the Schools Arts Champion. In 2019/20 = 50 schools, 2020/2021 = 132 schools. 
  • Only 7 out of 41 Arts Award centres in Doncaster have delivered Arts Award in 2018/19, with 217 Awards achievedIn partnership with IVE, the DCEP will increase the delivery of Arts Award, resulting in a 30% year on year increase – 2019/2020 = 282, 2020/21 = 367 
  • There are currently 29 Artsmark schools in Doncaster. The DCEP will retain and improve upon the current 21% of schools  2019/2020 = 21%, 2020/2021 = 23%.   
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