Vision & Mission


Our vision is “To see all children and young people, engaging in, learning from and enriched by quality creative experiences across the borough”. 


Our mission and agenda is driven by our shared vision.  

  • We will create a platform of cultural, creative experiences and opportunities.
  • We will draw upon the experiences of the partners and their areas of expertise.
  • We will be clear and focused in our roles, responsibilities and objectives including having a clearly articulated structure with a clear remit for roles and functions.
  • We will work in a collaborative way that allows members to contribute what they can when they can.  
  • We will be accountable to each other and responsibilities and workload will be always be shared by at least 2 people.
  • We will champion the value of creative education experiences to the borough and raise awareness of the benefits of creative and artistic engagement.
  • We will talk to and ask  young people so that they have a clear and central voice to our work, influencing our direction and focus.
  • We will focus on a specific number of collaborations which specifically demonstrate the impact of creative and cultural activity on learning and well being. 
Vision & Mission Action Plan Meet The Team


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